Game 8 Recap

Game day did not start well, SBFC got the call early in the day that leading scorer Angelo Rizzi would be held out of the lineup due to an ongoing undisclosed injury.  Several other key players were also MIA for this contest, leaving SBFC with a total of 3 subs in the matchup against the first place panthers. One of those subs, Steven Carias, was also injured but fought through the pain to give SBFC some needed rest time. Surprisingly, making only his second game, SBFC sponsor Don Tran was in attendance and ready to hit the field, albeit without socks.


The Panthers, who defeated SBFC 5-2 in their first meeting, could hardly fit all their substitutes on one bench. They came out strong notching the game’s first goal at the 5 minute mark. Not to be outdone, Jason Morgan takes on 3 men on a solo effort run and strikes the ball home to tie the game up at 6 minutes. Panthers, no doubt shaken by Morgan’s display of skill fumble a pass back to their goalie and give SBFC a 2-1! Now-permanent Keeper Raffi Nazarethian made a huge one handed dive across the crease to preserve the lead. The Panthers quickly regained their composure and scored at the end of the first and the beginning of the second to go up 4-3. Tragedy then struck SBFC as Don Tran went in for a 50-50 ball and came up short. Tran clutching his ankle, hobbled off the field and lay at the sidelines, SBFC would later find out Tran had developed a cankle. A zealous run by SBFC Defender Andy Narranjo down the left wing ending in a perfect pass to Cory Da Silva resulted in SBFC tying up the game at 38 minutes. Shortly after, Da Silva sets up Jason on the right side who makes no mistake finding the net, giving SBFC their first lead of the game against the first place team! Panthers now rattled with the possibility of the defeat began to get ill-tempered, throwing foul language from the bench and foul tackles on the field. Morgan, with 2 goals to his name in the contest caught the referee’s eye with a retaliatory foul on a Panther player, resulting in a 2 minute powerplay for the Panthers in the dying minutes of the game. The Panthers did not squander their advantage, scoring not once but twice in the last 2 minutes of the game to take the lead and the win. SBFC loses a heartbreaker, but put in a spectacular effort with few healthy bodies on the field. MOTM honors are split amongst all that came out to play. Don Tran was airlifted out of the change room and was placed on the 15-day IR. Next Game is on March 17 at 10:40pm.  

Superbad FC V Panthers
White OG – 7    
    32 -Random
Cory(Andy) – 38    
Jason(Cory) – 41    
     44- (PP)Random
    45 – (PP)Random

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